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GMS - logo Gospel Music Singin' began a long time ago when folks gathered together to sing good ole' Gospel Music. This little group of singers and players began in April of 2015, when we sang at Searsville Country Church in Valley Mills, Texas. Since then the Lord has Blessed us as we have taken HIS music to churches in and around Waco. Large or small churches, we will continue to seek those that would like to have good ole' Gospel Music as an outreach for their church and community.

The vocalist group is known as the Church House Singers. Bridgett Huffhines, Jim Guest, Ralph Sparks and Lew Smith comprise the singers with instrumentalists, Dave Blanton on Bass and Matt Sneed on Drums. We bring an evening of good ole' Gospel Music for all to enjoy.

If you would like to bring Gospel Music Singin' to your church, you can contact either Lew Smith at 254-744-2485 or Ralph Sparks at 254-855-3996. We would love to share HIS music with your church, its members and the community.